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00:03:45 Dark Age (Guilherme Silveira)
01:15:48 Re: Speed of DJGPP? (Simun Mikecin)
02:07:45 Re: LWP and Win 95 (Paul Derbyshire)
02:07:49 LWP and Win 95 (Paul Derbyshire)
02:07:50 Re: Bison and RHIDE (Paul Derbyshire)
02:38:08 Re: newbie question (Chris A. Triebel)
06:05:36 Re: MikMod and SoundBlaster (Elliott Oti)
06:50:44 Re: Rhide and OMEGA (Jason M. Daniels)
06:50:47 Re: Bohem-Demers-Weiser garbage collector (gc) with C++ under DJGPP (Gary Leavens)
06:59:32 Re: New version of DJGPP? (Peter Palotas)
07:34:52 plush user group (KEVIN JOHNSON)
07:35:17 Re: Rhide and OMEGA (George Foot)
08:08:53 Re: yet ANOTHER allegro question... EASY (George Foot)
11:00:23 lib, SIGFPE & W95 (Michael Johnson)
11:03:18 Re: Virtual functions (Erik Max Francis)
11:32:44 Re: Quake vs. Demos (Lonnie McCullough)
11:58:23 Templates (Peter Palotas)
13:19:59 yet ANOTHER allegro question... EASY (SteelGolem)
13:48:51 Re: Easy to answer Graphics Quetion (SteelGolem)
14:04:37 Re: texture mapping (Steve Marton)
14:34:27 Re: Strange memory leaks/errors (Amit Barak)
14:48:13 Re: djgpp for win NT (Asbjørn)
14:48:15 midi wav convertor (Chia)
16:03:56 Re: Why not fork() etc. specific for for shell usage? (Peter J. Farley III)
16:35:08 Pointer to bank switching function? (Mr. Th)
17:04:15 Re: Allegro: Displaying 640x480 PCX file (Mike McLean)
17:32:39 Re: DJGPP binaries obsolete for dosemu 0.66? (correction) (Xiao)
17:32:40 Re: Quake vs. Demos (Paul Derbyshire)
18:19:41 What a Weekend! (Barbara)
18:32:42 g77 compiling problem (Xyloplax)
18:39:31 Does RSXIDE work in Win3.1? (Robert 'Bing' Lunsford)
19:22:15 Re: Allegro 3d rootines - how good are they?... (Simun Mikecin)
19:33:50 Re: Using EXTERNAL Functions?? (POULAIN Vincent)
19:48:58 Re: asm compile error w/rhide (Mark Slagell)
19:48:59 Re: Is there anything that the does not cover??? (Jason M. Daniels)
20:03:18 Re: Newbie Q: DPMI setup failed! (POULAIN Vincent)
20:03:26 Re: Set password in MS-DOS (John M. Aldrich)
20:03:27 Re: Problems with u_char (John M. Aldrich)
20:03:28 Re: Allegro, sound (POULAIN Vincent)
20:03:29 Re: tmpfile() and binary mode in DJGPP (John M. Aldrich)
20:03:31 Re: Protected Mode programming (John M. Aldrich)
20:19:05 Re: Is there anything that the does not cover??? (Smith A. Cat)
20:35:32 Re: tmpfile() and binary mode in DJGPP (Erik Max Francis)
20:49:25 weirdd32 bit lines in VESA 2.0 (Larry Swanson)
20:49:27 Re: Please help me: OS3.c(.text+0x8e): undefined reference to `_iob'?? (Brennan "Bas" Underwood)
21:17:56 Re: tmpfile() and binary mode in DJGPP (John M. Aldrich)
21:18:00 Re: Problem spawning Pmode/w !!! (John M. Aldrich)
21:18:03 Re: djgpp incompatibility with linux gcc (Fred Smith)
21:33:36 Re: Random numbers (Matthew Bennett)
21:33:37 RHIDE paths (Anders Öhrt)
21:33:38 Re: Random numbers (Matthew Bennett)
21:33:39 Re: First timer (Vic)
21:33:40 Template problem. (Gregary J Boyles)
22:02:59 Re: Allegro, sound (George Foot)
22:03:02 Re: Quake vs. Demos (Gregorio Hankiewicz)
22:17:47 Re: VBE Bankswitch in Pmode (Henrik Baarnhielm)
22:33:00 Re: yet ANOTHER allegro question... EASY (Shawn Hargreaves)
22:33:02 Rhide stopped making executables (J. Hormuzdiar)
22:33:04 Re: big endian class (
22:33:07 Re: multiple libs together?? (POULAIN Vincent)
22:33:08 Re: Problems with u_char (POULAIN Vincent)
22:48:54 Best Cigars (
23:03:50 Re: using libgpp class (A. Sinan Unur)
23:18:12 How to set up and get started with DJGPP (jg.woo)

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