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00:46:42 Re: Problems installing DJGPP with Win2K using NTFS (Charles Sandmann)
02:42:06 Re: vim (dos32) hangs under djgpp bash (Eli Zaretskii)
02:44:24 Re: Problems installing DJGPP with Win2K using NTFS (Eli Zaretskii)
05:45:24 DPMI Interrupt latency ? (Babu Kalakrishnan)
05:45:24 Inline assembly problem (Babu Kalakrishnan)
05:46:57 Re: C or C++? (G Anna)
06:00:13 Re: Inline assembly problem (Babu Kalakrishnan)
07:00:23 Re: C or C++? (Alexei A. Frounze)
07:35:39 Re: C or C++? (Eli Zaretskii)
08:13:09 Re: DPMI Interrupt latency ? (Eli Zaretskii)
10:00:37 Re: DPMI Interrupt latency ? (Babu Kalakrishnan)
11:00:13 realloc (Joel Saunders)
11:04:07 Re: realloc (DJ Delorie)
11:29:13 Win 98 SE2 problem. (Vince D McCarthy)
11:30:05 Test (Joel Saunders)
11:45:27 Re: Permission denied ( EACCES) with RHIDE. (sgrb)
11:50:58 Re: Win 98 SE2 problem. (Eli Zaretskii)
12:45:21 Re: DPMI Interrupt latency ? (Charles Sandmann)
13:30:15 Re: DPMI Interrupt latency ? (Tim Nicholson)
14:24:36 Re[2]: DPMI Interrupt latency ? (David)
16:15:17 Re: Re[2]: DPMI Interrupt latency ? (Tim Nicholson)
17:01:24 Re: Re[2]: DPMI Interrupt latency ? (Steiner_Mark)
17:08:50 JNI header files parse errors (Mark Steiner)
17:55:46 Re[4]: DPMI Interrupt latency ? (David)
19:00:40 SigSegV in new[] ('Raf256' Rafal Maj)
20:15:37 Can't read HDD sectors, why? (dom)
22:16:45 (no subject) (
22:30:09 Where is DJGPP.ENV? [was Re: Re[4]: DPMI Interrupt latency ?] (Charles Sandmann)

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