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00:41:53 need sound help (Vince McCarthy)
01:06:44 Re: djgpp strangeness (Alain Magloire)
01:19:35 ipt? (Hansang Bae)
01:49:19 Re: Problems with MALLOC and FREE (Alain Magloire)
03:49:14 Re: need sound help (Eli Zaretskii)
04:49:14 Re: parse error (Eli Zaretskii)
05:02:04 Re: Client Mail (Eli Zaretskii)
05:37:59 Re: parse error (Eli Zaretskii)
05:45:54 Re: Rhide bug? (Andris Pavenis)
05:50:23 Static member function (Andrew R. Gillett)
06:19:24 Re: Rhide bug? (hans yperman)
06:24:36 Re: Windows Help Files (Eli Zaretskii)
06:49:35 help (Lee)
06:49:57 Re: UNC with djgpp? (Eli Zaretskii)
06:51:45 Re: new release of LFN for Windows NT 4.0 (Eli Zaretskii)
07:14:30 Sound DMA (Ghalos)
07:49:18 diffutils & patch (Topi Linkala)
08:19:34 Re: djgpp strangeness (Hans-Bernhard Broeker)
09:50:44 Re: Problems with MALLOC and FREE (Eric Sosman)
10:19:30 Re: diffutils & patch (Eli Zaretskii)
10:49:33 Quake source (Daniel J. Rauhaus)
11:19:24 Re: clearscreen (Vince McCarthy)
11:49:26 Re: djgpp strangeness (Valkir)
12:01:52 Re: Sound DMA (Eli Zaretskii)
12:50:37 Re: Client Mail (morgenstern)
13:22:33 Re: Quake source (Eli Zaretskii)
13:33:42 Re: UNC with djgpp? (Alain Magloire)
13:52:29 rhide- (
14:04:38 Re: Problems with MALLOC and FREE (Alain Magloire)
14:20:08 Re: Somebody please explain : Length of bit fields (SCOTT19U.ZIP_GUY)
14:49:19 Re: Quake source (Daniel J. Rauhaus)
15:18:48 Re: Quake source (salvador)
15:19:18 Re: Client Mail (Gisle Vanem)
15:52:50 Re: Sound DMA (Ghalos)
15:59:48 Re: Quake source (Antti =?iso-8859-1?Q?Koskip=E4=E4?=)
16:22:24 Structure padding (Ghalos)
16:38:54 Re: Static member function (Horst Kraemer)
16:53:27 Problem with compilation! (Goutam.Dasgupta (Exchange))
17:22:27 Re: help (Damian Yerrick)
17:53:15 freeing memory and exiting (safely) (Chaos)
17:56:21 Tetris(R) (Re: Sound DMA) (Damian Yerrick)
18:52:26 How do I get going with the GRX library? (Joshua P Jung)
19:19:46 Re: help (Randy)
19:32:52 rhide -- general protection fault (anonymous)
19:49:26 Re: djgpp strangeness (doug)
20:19:15 Re: help (Alain Magloire)
20:49:17 RHIDE with "Watch" (如此這般)
20:58:26 pointer & structure (如此這般)
21:19:54 help!!!! (Derick Hess)
21:29:17 Re: Structure padding (Kalum Somaratna aka Grendel)
21:49:16 Re: clearscreen (Damon Hogan)
21:52:58 Re: rhide -- general protection fault (Kalum Somaratna aka Grendel)
21:54:22 Re: pointer & structure (Alain Magloire)
22:01:07 Re: NT and DJGPP (Damon Hogan)
22:18:33 Re: djgpp strangeness (Weiqi Gao)
22:19:15 Re: How do I get going with the GRX library? (Damian Yerrick)
22:25:47 Re: freeing memory and exiting (safely) (Alain Magloire)
22:29:55 Re: freeing memory and exiting (safely) (Kalum Somaratna aka Grendel)
22:34:53 Re: curses.h And my first Post here, Hello everyone.. (Damon Hogan)
22:48:20 Re: Looks like GCC 2.95 bug (Damon Hogan)
22:50:16 Re: Rhide Program!!!! (David Bradburn)
22:51:18 Re: NT and DJGPP (Damian Yerrick)
22:52:54 Re: djgpp appropriate for embedded system? (Steve Fairhead)
22:54:24 Re: Problems with DJGPP lib and grx23 (Damon Hogan)
23:19:33 Re: help!!!! (mus.bouayad)
23:20:40 Re: Problems with DJGPP lib and grx23 (Damon Hogan)
23:49:15 Re: help!!!! (Chiew Heng Wah)

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