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00:00:00 Re: RHIDE cpp linking trouble (Paul J G)
00:14:10 Re: Someone please help with memory problem. (Nate Eldredge)
07:59:40 Re: Trouble coding with C++ (Manni Heumann)
09:17:30 Re: Allocated memory blocks (Martin Str|mberg)
09:49:07 Allocated memory blocks (Pavlos)
10:55:19 Re: FAQ? Buglist? (Martin Str|mberg)
10:58:55 Re: HELP! new to Djgpp (Martin Str|mberg)
10:59:10 Re: Trouble coding with C++ (DoLL)
11:01:20 Re: Rhide Question (Steven Taylor)
11:30:50 Re: fast graphics (Martin Str|mberg)
11:31:25 Re: ifstream problems (Manni Heumann)
11:34:17 Debugging in RHIDE (SP Byrnes)
11:35:57 Trouble coding with C++ (ES)
11:36:19 How to get the address of VGA fonts (Alvin Lau)
11:42:38 virtual table (Brian Ronk)
11:49:36 Re: gas + pand (Michal)
12:06:11 Downloading Windows platform SDK for RSXNTDJ (jdm)
12:08:26 Re: Virtual Screens (DeHackEd)
12:17:50 Re: FAQ? Buglist? (DJ Delorie)
12:18:40 Re: Debugging in RHIDE (DJ Delorie)
12:19:07 A couple of "GNU mingw32 GCC" clueless newbie questions (Samuel G Siren)
12:25:51 Re: Virtual Screens (David Dean - [DS]Deaner666)
12:43:01 Re: !(DJGPP && CGI && SAMBA)?? (Michelle Konzack)
12:53:38 Re: DPMI and CALDERA-DOS (Vince McCarthy)
13:10:29 Re: Assembly routine (aperes)
13:38:55 Re: First-time compile (Nate Eldredge)
13:39:00 Re: Timing (Nate Eldredge)
13:45:25 Re: Allocated memory blocks (Nate Eldredge)
13:45:26 Re: Trouble coding with C++ (Nate Eldredge)
13:59:22 Re: FAQ? Buglist? (Nate Eldredge)
18:10:18 Re: -mpentium problem (
18:27:43 Re: DPMI and CALDERA-DOS (Cesar S. Rabak)
19:50:24 Re: Intergrating a dialog on to a double buffered screen?? (Daniel Urquhart)

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