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00:03:53 Fixed Point tutorials (Guillermo Porras)
00:19:17 Re: ADA Problem (Gautier)
00:19:19 Re: sprintf() string length? (George Foot)
00:58:26 Re: ALLEGRO - 256 shades of grey?? How? (John Patton)
01:19:20 Re: Need help about RHIDE (specifing object directory) (Robert Hoehne)
01:46:52 Re: Redirect cout to cin (
01:50:42 -frepo (Razvan Coca)
01:50:56 Re: Double Buffer not working in modes larger than 400x300x16(VESA 2.0) (Philip G Hall)
02:06:02 Re: Problems with RHIDE (Robert Hoehne)
02:50:12 Re: Problems with RHIDE (Cardinal Teulbachs)
03:19:40 rsxntdj and IJG jpeg libs (Marc Iven)
03:33:54 Re: Compression Library (Richard Sanders)
04:04:24 The future of Djgpp (Daerian Majere)
04:19:23 Alternative OS Was: Re: The future of Djgpp (Wojciech Piechowski)
05:18:11 Re: nested commtents (Thomas Knudsen)
05:19:42 [BUG] Total crash under MS-DOS when using itimer + workaround (Regis BOSSUT)
05:28:24 Re: CPP question. (Peter Palotas)
05:28:25 Re: problem with readkey() (Peter Palotas)
05:29:16 Re: CPP question. (Peter Palotas)
05:49:09 Re: problem with readkey() (George Foot)
06:38:40 Re: RHIDE suggestion (was: RHIDE Question.) (Robert Hoehne)
07:31:19 Re: Running programs from inside bash (root)
07:46:25 GUI Lib for DJGPP (Brian Levine)
08:01:17 Re: Final clue in porting zgv from Linux to djgpp (root)
08:31:19 Re: HOW TO ATTRACT GIRLS INSTANTLY....Secrets to instant sex appeal (James R. Phillips)
09:33:24 Re: ALLEGRO - 256 shades of grey?? How? (George Foot)
09:52:40 Re: GUI Lib for DJGPP (Alexander Bokovoy)
10:01:17 Re: collision detection (Rob Farley)
10:09:52 Re: Fixed Point tutorials (Alexander Bokovoy)
10:16:14 Re: C and C++. Was: Re: Borland/djgpp functions (Darren Grant)
10:16:18 Re: Suggestion for Allegro... (Shawn Hargreaves)
10:25:57 Re: collision detection (John Patton)
10:46:40 Re: simple thing (Darren Grant)
10:46:42 Re: Why not build in inline 80x86 assembly, like in borland C (Genady Beryozkin)
11:03:54 Re: ALLEGRO - 256 shades of grey?? How? (John Patton)
11:16:12 Re: Compression Library (DRUDD)
11:25:56 Clobbering (Anthony.Appleyard)
11:31:20 Re: graphics_mode (ludvig)
11:34:31 Windows (Anthony.Appleyard)
11:46:25 Re: GUI Lib for DJGPP (George Foot)
12:02:47 Re: The future of Djgpp (Elton Fry)
12:16:17 Where can I find WSOCK? (Ryan M Gumbs)
12:46:26 Re: Allegro: Password protecting DATAFILE (Shawn Hargreaves)
12:53:12 Re: ALLEGRO - 256 shades of grey?? How? (Alexander Bokovoy)
13:00:21 Re: Compression Library (Alexander Bokovoy)
13:01:25 Where can I get hold of a decent ASM faq? (Andrew Smythe Davidson)
13:31:27 Re: [Q]: What is with the SIGSEGVs? (Shawn Hargreaves)
13:31:34 Re: Doh! Winsock stuff (again) (Thomas Demmer)
13:31:38 Re: Installing DJGPP (George Foot)
13:46:17 Bug in libc makefiles (Thomas Demmer)
13:46:19 Re: Problems with RHIDE (George Foot)
14:01:28 Re: ALLEGRO - 256 shades of grey?? How? (ShogunTim)
14:38:25 Re: nested commtents (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
14:46:11 Re: A little problem with the assembler (Cesar Scarpini Rabak)
15:54:57 External asm functions (Fábio Diales da Rocha)
17:16:43 Re: 2 Easy ones! GRAPHICS.. (Peter Scargill)
17:16:54 Re: Installing DJGPP (Mark Panther)
17:19:01 memory model (Ryan Owen)
19:02:25 Re: RHIDE problems with CPP files (Paul Brannan)
19:02:28 [Q] Which is faster? (
19:31:11 wirting to a virtual screen - HELP! (waage)
19:47:12 wirting to a virtual screen - HELP! (Roger Nilsson)
20:32:41 Re: Just a few questions from a graphics newbie (David Jenkins)
20:51:38 totally new (CURRENT USER)
21:13:34 Re: CPP question. (Peter Palotas)
21:46:55 Re: Sound in Allegro2.2 (Shawn Hargreaves)
22:01:14 Re: nested commtents (firewind)
22:31:12 Re: sprintf() string length? (George Foot)
23:01:53 Re: sprintf() string length? (George Foot)
23:32:17 Possible bug in web-based cross compiler (George Foot)

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