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00:32:20 Re: simple thing (firewind)
01:47:16 rhide info files problem (Roger W. Huggins)
02:06:41 Re: RHIDE suggestion (was: RHIDE Question.) (Wojciech Piechowski)
02:46:42 why does draw_sprite crash?? (Ethan Giordano)
03:01:13 Re: Problems with RHIDE (Cardinal Teulbachs)
03:16:21 Re: Problems with RHIDE (Cardinal Teulbachs)
03:37:55 Re: Wanted: user interface (Robert Hoehne)
03:47:21 Re: Simple == Big (Robert Hoehne)
03:54:52 Re: RHIDE Question. (Robert Hoehne)
04:30:05 Re: rhide info files problem (Robert Hoehne)
04:32:05 Re: Simple == Big (Thomas Demmer)
04:37:22 Re: Problems with RHIDE (Robert Hoehne)
04:47:43 Re: GCC uses A LOT of memory to parse static arrays (Hartmut Schirmer)
05:17:29 insque() flaw? (Thomas Demmer)
05:17:38 Re: Is this a bug ??? or feature ?? (Thomas Demmer)
07:05:02 Re: djgpp? (Kelvin)
07:31:45 Re: RHIDE Question. (Peter Palotas)
07:34:53 Re: sprintf() string length? (Peter Palotas)
07:46:44 Re: why does draw_sprite crash?? (Andrew Deren)
08:34:09 Re: sprintf() string length? (Jonathan Foster)
09:48:31 Q: Linking gcc object files w/ Borland library (
09:48:36 Re: Borland Pascal & CWSDPMI (Pierre Muller)
09:58:44 Web Biz Universal Remove List Update (
10:02:11 Re: Suggestion for Allegro... (George Foot)
10:02:37 IPX (Delta)
10:12:30 UNSUBSCRIBE (Reeves, Michael)
10:16:27 unsolicited email (William Newhall)
10:32:47 cold reboot (Michael Witt)
11:04:17 Re: The future of Djgpp (Mike Darrett)
11:31:17 Pictures (
11:31:22 Template inlining (Alexander S. Klenin)
12:01:22 Double Buffer not working in modes larger than 400x300x16(VESA 2.0) (Larry Swanson)
12:01:26 Re: The future of Djgpp (Weiqi Gao)
12:11:49 Re: Redirect cout to cin (
12:46:34 Re: sprintf() string length? (Ruiter de M)
12:46:51 Re: Programmer needed to port Wolf 3D to S3 Virge (Richard Krehbiel)
13:14:33 UNSUBSCRIBE (Guillermo Porras)
13:17:47 Re: sorry ignore this thread (was NASM - passing string pointer from C++ to asm) (Nick Carter)
13:35:48 Re: IPX (Wojciech Piechowski)
14:31:46 Re: The future of Djgpp (Stuart MacGregor)
14:31:47 How to program a set of bits? (A. Jans-Beken)
15:21:06 Re: sprintf() string length? (Georg Kolling)
15:21:14 Re: The future of Djgpp (Georg Kolling)
15:21:32 Re: Physical address from array ? Not a clue! (Georg Kolling)
15:22:28 Re: Newbie seeks help with rotating triangle program (Georg Kolling)
15:31:45 Re: How to program a set of bits? (Patrick Peck)
15:47:35 Test Gone Bad.. Ideas? (David Jenkins)
16:25:00 Re: RHIDE Question. (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
16:31:21 Re: Text Mode with allegro (Shawn Hargreaves)
16:31:22 Re: Suggestion for Allegro... (Shawn Hargreaves)
16:59:04 Re: Pictures (Peter Palotas)
17:16:12 Text Mode with allegro (Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz)
17:31:50 Re: Suggestion for Allegro... (Matthew Bloch)
18:19:01 MODEM libray for DJGPP? (Ryan M Gumbs)
18:19:10 problem with readkey() (Ingo Ruhnke)
18:44:24 Re: Random numbers again... (John Patton)
18:44:44 Re: Pictures (Brett Porter)
18:54:41 Re: The future of Djgpp (John Patton)
19:01:23 Re: Problems with RHIDE (Michael Mauch)
19:17:39 Running programs from inside bash (Hans Ecke)
19:41:39 Re: Is this a bug ??? or feature ?? (Nate Eldredge)
19:41:44 Re: Q: Linking gcc object files w/ Borland library (Nate Eldredge)
19:41:53 Re: sprintf() string length? (Nate Eldredge)
19:46:16 Re: A little problem with the assembler (Michael Mauch)
20:01:37 Re: Using A Higher Resolution Than 320 *200(Mode 13h) (Oon Lin)
20:01:44 Re: problem with readkey() (Jonathan Foster)
20:33:55 Re: Pictures (Frank Faubert)
20:46:28 libdl (dlopen, etc) for DJGPP? Anybody ported it? (Jeff Weeks)
20:46:37 stat() system call return value problem (
21:01:21 Re: Very New Guy (Oon Lin)
21:01:35 Inline assembly labels (the 0:, 1:, etc, type). Why? (Jeff Weeks)
21:31:22 Re: q: va_list and va_start? (firewind)
21:46:23 Re: sprintf() string length? (John M. Aldrich)
22:16:20 WIP bug (Paul Derbyshire)
22:32:31 Re: Q: Linking gcc object files w/ Borland library (John M. Aldrich)
22:46:39 Re: How to program a set of bits? (John M. Aldrich)
22:46:45 Re: Suggestion for Allegro... (Matthew Bloch)
23:02:15 Re: How to alloc Extended memory (John M. Aldrich)
23:02:46 Re: 3D hardware acceleration in DJGPP (Was: Re: allegro & 3d?) (Alexey Kouzmitch)
23:03:24 Re: WIP bug (Bill Currie)
23:12:24 SIMM 16MB EDO $ 37.00 (
23:59:57 Re: ALLEGRO - 256 shades of grey?? How? (Brett Porter)

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