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00:02:06 Re: Checking and retrieving keypresses in Allegro (Mad Pete)
01:02:54 Help with strings MID$? (Vincent Collura)
01:08:27 Re: RHide and some sort of conflict (Wayne)
02:34:51 Another Rhide Bug (Mike Germinario)
02:48:12 Question about making maps for tile-based games (Chris)
03:16:59 need HELP with drives and filenames (Rodney McConnell)
04:02:21 Re: C++ to C converter? (Thomas Demmer)
06:04:10 Re: Why does sizeof give me... (Charles Krug)
07:33:34 Re: Making DLL's (Jamie Love)
07:33:55 Re: Help me get started (A. Sinan Unur)
09:48:41 Re: Another Rhide Bug (Paul Derbyshire)
10:21:40 Re: complex numbers, correct ?? (Jos Bergervoet)
10:49:30 HELP- Need .lib -> .o or .a convertor ((Joshua Humphries))
10:49:38 Re: Problem with fstreams... (Paul Derbyshire)
11:17:30 Internet programming in DJGPP (Matthew Bennett)
12:03:47 Re: Announcement: OmniBasic Version 1.27 (Michael L. Smith)
13:07:49 Re: GDB and NT Emacs ? (Weiqi Gao)
14:48:21 Allegro true-color problem. (Sheraz Mahmood)
15:16:48 Re: templates in DJGPP (Jamey)
15:32:16 Re: [Q] using int 0x21 to print text with inline asm (Michal Mertl)
16:19:04 Re: Astar (A*) algorithm (Michal Mertl)
16:19:06 Re: Info (was The DJGPP Oracle) (Brennan "Bas" Underwood)
16:47:55 Re: Help on using class String (Robert Hoehne)
16:47:59 Re: Using "Project" Options in RHIDE? (Robert Hoehne)
16:48:02 Re: ELF binaries (was Re: Function Sizes) (Robert Hoehne)
18:05:53 Re: IEEE numbers (Conrad Wei-Li Song)
18:17:45 Re: String formatting problems (Erik Max Francis)
20:03:11 COM-Schnittstelle mit Streams ansprechen ? (Uwe Klatt)
20:19:02 Re: Problem with fstreams... (Peter J. Farley III)
21:49:02 Re: The mail archives (kifox)
22:16:43 Re: The mail archives (DJ Delorie)
22:37:17 ANNOUNCE: SENTINEL 0.9b (El Misionero)
23:04:08 Re: Writing a struct to disk (Erik Max Francis)
23:33:27 bloated exe files (Egg brains)

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