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00:20:52 Re: DJGPP compiler error (John M. Aldrich)
00:20:53 Re: error (John M. Aldrich)
00:34:18 Re: Redirection problem (John M. Aldrich)
00:34:23 Newbie Question: Speed of indirection lookups (Badman)
01:13:39 Make $9.00 Per Subscriber (
01:33:02 Re: Allegro: double buffering (Thomas Lai)
01:33:04 Re: How much of the .EXE gets used? (Chris La Mantia)
01:33:05 Re: Problem with linear video memory (Lonnie McCullough)
01:33:07 Re: allegro quetion (David Jenkins)
01:50:54 Re: Need help using select() under Win95 (Alfons Hoogervorst)
02:04:23 Function Sizes (Mike4148)
02:04:24 Re: How much of the .EXE gets used? (Meta)
02:04:25 Re: The DJGPP Oracle (Erik Max Francis)
02:48:17 Re: ALLEGRO: set_volume (Shawn Hargreaves)
03:47:31 Re: Debugging Information && SIGSEGV faults (firewind)
03:47:32 Optimization and bug smashing.. a lot of other questions too :) ([vecna])
04:03:11 Re: The DJGPP Oracle (Garry Roseman)
04:33:04 Re: random number? (Lyle)
06:32:41 Re: random number? (John M. Aldrich)
07:19:06 Re: The is world dropping MS-DOS. What about DJGPP? (Was Re: Quake (George Kinney)
07:19:11 Re: [Q] wrapping functions with linker (Victor)
08:18:34 Re: Overloading the << operator. (Erik Max Francis)
08:18:35 Re: How fast is DJGPP? (Tom Novelli)
08:49:10 Re: Parse Error Before '*' (Lyle)
09:03:56 Re: template classes with DJGPP (Peter Berdeklis)
11:24:12 Re: allegro under linux (John Allensworth)
11:57:54 Re: Volatile (Peter Zijlstra)
11:57:55 Re: Quake II??? (Peter Zijlstra)
12:28:09 LINKS (
12:33:16 Re: Compiled faster rle sprites in Allegro?! (Shawn Hargreaves)
13:05:26 Re: Sound libs : MIDAS versus Seal (Bill Lachance)
13:42:02 Welcome To GeoCities (
14:27:59 Re: How fast is DJGPP? (Hans Bezemer)
14:30:06 Re: How much of the .EXE gets used? (Steve)
15:19:42 Changes the size of exe or not? (Vlatko Surlan)
15:19:46 Re: I can't compile from within RHIDE (
15:32:47 Re: The DJGPP Oracle (Erik Max Francis)
16:57:11 A simple stupid question about COPYRIGHTS (Christian Lorenz-Wende)
18:06:43 Re: The DJGPP Oracle (Chris Croughton)
19:19:53 Re: Final year project (Mark H. Wood)
20:04:40 PCX displaying help (Ross Boast)
20:04:41 Re: Perculiar bug fix? (A. Sinan Unur)
20:04:43 Re: template classes with DJGPP (Paul Shirley)
20:18:21 Re: allegro quetion (Shawn Hargreaves)
20:26:41 Re: Function Sizes (*** Brett ***)
20:31:37 Re: How fast is DJGPP? (*** Brett ***)
21:50:11 Re: Linux to DOS Problem (Peter Berdeklis)
21:50:14 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (Erik Max Francis)
22:04:20 Put_pixel in 15&16bpp modes (Henry)
22:34:17 DJGPP and NASM together (Matthew Mastracci)
23:05:41 16bpp PutPixel (Gingko 69)
23:34:21 Re: Bin2obj for DJGPP? (Robert Hoehne)
23:34:23 About graphics. (Theomorph2)

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