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07:37:33 Example for auto-dependencies and pure_virtuals (Roland Exler)
07:37:41 Re: Help: Make with auto-dependencies (Roland Exler)
07:38:10 Re: Problems with linking of pure virtual functions (Roland Exler)
07:38:18 Re: Problems with linking of pure virtual functions (Roland Exler)
07:40:52 diff for MS-DOS wanted (
09:05:15 About Graphic Driver for CT65545 in DJGPP 1.1x or 2 (Hisaji Ono)
09:09:23 Re: DPMI question (Morten Welinder)
09:51:39 Is djgpp port of G77 available, or is it planned? (Alois Steindl)
10:36:05 In V2, how do I configure? (V1 was GO32...) (Mark Mielke)
10:39:13 Re: Graphics & Linking in DJGPP 2 (Jens Vogler)
12:50:29 DJGPP V2??? (Students of SSU)
14:30:10 How to use matherr()? (Juan I. Perez)
15:24:44 Re: [Q] Increase DPMI ? (Charles Sandmann)
15:24:53 Re: Locking memory for interrupt routines. (Charles Sandmann)
15:25:49 Problem (
15:25:53 which files? (Todd Muhlfelder)
17:28:31 Re: Problem (Marc Singer)
17:29:31 Re: diff for MS-DOS wanted (Marc Singer)
18:29:08 Re: int86() in V2 (J P Griffiths)
19:21:33 Re: DPMI question (Malcolm Taylor)
19:21:40 Re: DPMI question (
19:22:43 VIM for DJGPP-2.0 (Gert van Antwerpen)
19:25:06 IDE for DJGPP? (Paul Silver)
20:25:42 Version (
20:26:44 Re: IDE for DJGPP? (Chris McFarlane)
21:26:06 Possible bug in GDB (Megens SA)
23:32:09 Re: int86() in V2 (Charles Sandmann)

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