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Subject: Re: DPMI question
Date: 22 Sep 1995 09:16:03 GMT
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larsen AT lal DOT cs DOT utah DOT edu (Steve Larsen) writes:

>: This deserves some elaboration.  Loading an invalid value into a segment
>: selector shouldn't cause a GP fault.  Attempting to access a segment
>: through a selector which contains an invalid value does cause a fault.

>Yeah, that is what I thought.  However, according to the information 
>presented at the GPF, it is dying on the instruction that loads the
>segment register.  Very strange, I thought.

The 386 generates GPF when trying to load invalid data into segment
registers DS, ES, FS, and GS.  If SS is involved, a stack exception
is generated instead.

If you load 0/1/2/3 into a segment regstister other than SS you will
_not_ get an exception.  Using the segment register will give you some
exception, possibly GPF.


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