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From: Roland Exler <R DOT Exler AT jk DOT uni-linz DOT ac DOT at>
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Subject: Re: Help: Make with auto-dependencies
Date: 21 Sep 1995 06:43:15 GMT
Organization: Institute for el. Measurement, University of Linz, Austria
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I use the following makefile for creation of an library, it's easy to 
change it to compile and link and exe instead. 

The -MM flag controls which header-files to search. -MM searches only 
files included with "file", -M would search files included with <file> 
too. See the manual of gcc for more information.

Hope this helps, 


I Roland Exler                          I EMAIL:                    I
I Universitaet Linz                     I R DOT Exler AT jk DOT uni-linz DOT ac DOT at I
I Institut fuer Elektrische Messtechnik I                           I
I Altenbergerstr. 69                    I Phone:                    I
I A-4040 Linz, AUSTRIA                  I + 43 732 2468 9205        I

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SOURCES=DvAxBas DvAxis DvDataVc DvGraph DvGraphO DvMath DvPlot DvPoint \
  DvPoints DvScale DvData DvList

LDLIBS= -lgrx -lpc -lm

	$(CC) -MM $(CPPFLAGS) $< | SED 's/$*.o/& $@/g' > $@

%.exe: %
	strip $<
	coff2exe $<

libplot.a: $(SOURCES:=.o)
	ar -rs $@ $^
	ranlib $@.a

include $(SOURCES:=.d)

# clear Directory
	del *.d
	del *.o


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