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From: chrismac AT midland DOT co DOT nz (Chris McFarlane)
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Subject: Re: IDE for DJGPP?
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 95 14:02:15 GMT
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In article <43uc9c$9oo AT gateway DOT cis DOT ysu DOT edu>,
   psilver AT cis DOT ysu DOT edu (Paul Silver) wrote:
>Just out of curiosity, does anyone happen to know of an IDE for DJGPP?  I 
>there is a nice one called xwpe for X11R6 but what about DOS/Windows?
>I'm trying to escape Borland but haven't felt like it for lack of a nice 
>integrated package with an actually easy to use debugger.  

  check out E! programming editor in a simtel mirror under the .../win3/editor 
path. Very nice IMHO, but integrating a debugger isn't truely IDE like. E! 
is shareware at around $100 USD. The same path also has a cheaper Brief like 
editor Zeusv105. The ladebug FS debugger isn't commercial standard, but for 
free is ok by me. Laydebug is on the Djgpp site.


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