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00:59:10 Re: video driver problem (John Nemeth)
01:02:11 Conflict with windows!! (David J. Greback)
04:56:48 Un-subscribe Me (Andy Jackson)
05:56:49 Makefile misery! (Gamble C O)
05:58:40 Un-subscribe Me (Stephen Turnbull)
06:56:48 Re: Makefile misery! (
07:56:49 Re: Makefile misery! (Paul Harness)
08:56:49 Correction - text I/O (Chris Mr. Tangerine Man Tate)
08:58:31 Text cursor? (Chris Mr. Tangerine Man Tate)
09:00:03 Re: Makefile misery! (U-E59264-Osman Buyukisik)
09:56:49 Re: What's wrong with my grafx routine? (Grzegorz B. Mazur)
09:58:54 Re: Ctrl-Break, Ctrl-C (DJ Delorie)
10:00:25 Re: Conflict with windows!! (DJ Delorie)
10:02:20 Re: SUMMARY - Text screen I/O (DJ Delorie)
10:04:12 Re: New to djgpp... (DJ Delorie)
10:58:12 Re: Un-subscribe Me (DJ Delorie)
11:01:35 Re: Makefile misery! (DJ Delorie)
11:04:13 emu387 (Martin Young)
11:06:53 DJGPP Memory Org. Docs? (Matthew Moss)
11:09:29 Re: How do you debug a debugger? (Bob Babcock)
12:00:35 How did you learn 80386 GAS? (Young U Ryu)
12:58:19 Cursor removal (Paul Harness)
13:00:51 Re: emu387 (DJ Delorie)
13:03:05 Re: How did you learn 80386 GAS? (DJ Delorie)
13:05:24 1.11.maint4 announcement (DJ Delorie)
13:07:29 PICO on djgpp? (Brian Gerstel)
13:58:03 Indebted forever, just one more . . . (Gamble C O)
15:02:19 Distributing a recompiled GO32 (Bob Babcock)
15:58:13 Compiler Aborts! Why? (Jon Nash)
16:57:29 S3 graphics... (Mail from Martin Clayton)
19:00:47 unsubscribe (Eduardo Bernal)
19:03:15 Re: Problem with stat() and long filenames (Eric Backus)
21:57:31 Re: How did you learn 80386 GAS? (Michael Castle)
23:00:38 Re: Compiler Aborts! Why? (Bob Babcock)
23:04:09 DJGPP FAQ collection [was: DJGPP Memory Org. Docs?] (Stephen Turnbull)

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