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00:59:55 Re: Looking for Windows 9x IDE for DJGPP (Al Combs)
01:24:49 Weekly Mini-FAQ post for DJGPP (DJ Delorie)
02:24:48 Re: Problem w/ Sound in Allegro and DOOM!?! (Rez)
05:25:07 Re: C++ Exception Support (Andris Pavenis)
05:53:33 Re: Headers HELP PLEASE!!! (Johan Venter)
06:23:59 Re: [Fwd: GNU Project seeks nominations for the Free Software Award] (Johan Venter)
06:54:23 Re: RSXNTDJ won't compile certain samples (Johan Venter)
07:26:07 Re: tgetstr, tputs & other term functions (Hans-Bernhard Broeker)
07:35:46 Re: Didn't Work (Johan Venter)
07:54:00 Re: Finding the Dang MS PLATFORM SDK (Johan Venter)
08:17:03 Re: 2 questions (Johan Venter)
08:54:22 Trouble with templates and gcc-2.95 (Jari Karppinen)
09:53:52 compiling error! (
10:23:31 Re: compiling error! (Ishpeck)
10:53:27 Fight Winstability (Re: Looking for Windows 9x IDE for DJGPP) (Damian Yerrick)
13:24:52 Too many conventional blocks?! (Niko Salminen)
15:03:35 Re: `which' for 2.03? (Jeff Williams)
15:27:43 Re: About numbers. (Diego Castro)
16:00:44 Re: problem (Diego Castro)
16:24:59 Compiler for Win (Wigoo)
17:34:37 Re: any Socket libraries for Djgpp? (Richard Dawe)
18:02:20 Re: problem (Damian Yerrick)
18:25:46 Re: go32! (Damian Yerrick)
18:54:35 go32! (Ghalos)
20:00:58 How to program a deamon? (Hela Wann)
20:24:04 Re: Too many conventional blocks?! (Peter Johnson)
21:10:49 Non Existant dos pipes ... where did they go ? (Alex Crowther)
21:55:20 Re: Non Existant dos pipes ... where did they go ? (Damian Yerrick)
21:56:40 Re: Non Existant dos pipes ... where did they go ? (Alex Crowther)
22:10:17 [Announce] SETEdit v0.4.35 available (salvador)
22:28:22 Still in Development (Dan Gold)
23:41:27 How do I pass * (astrix) over argv ? (

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