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03:09:24 Re: Setting up c++ headers (Johan Venter)
03:12:07 trouble linking/running code with RHIDE (BWilliams)
03:19:52 erm...DJGPP trouble (Nathon Fowlie)
03:44:07 Re: Selector code (Eli Zaretskii)
03:45:03 Re: Another Newbie Install Question (Eli Zaretskii)
03:47:20 Re: [AL] Compilers comparisson, some opinions about the generated , assembler (Eli Zaretskii)
03:48:11 Re: anyone used java with djgpp? (Eli Zaretskii)
03:49:22 Re: C++ "Hello World" compiling problem (Eli Zaretskii)
03:55:49 Re: Linking Problems (Eli Zaretskii)
04:10:42 Re: long long (Eli Zaretskii)
04:13:24 RE: One-Key Entries (Eli Zaretskii)
05:02:43 R: Dinamic allocation (Red Angel)
05:06:23 Re: erm...DJGPP trouble (Eli Zaretskii)
05:12:13 gpc won't work (FF fan 08)
05:36:27 Re: X and GNOME ports. (Eli Zaretskii)
06:52:15 Problem getting IRQ 7 handler to trigger (Mark Usher)
06:57:04 cannot exec 'cpp' (Roy Sinclair)
07:23:07 Re: Problem getting IRQ 7 handler to trigger (Eli Zaretskii)
07:29:26 Re: cannot exec 'cpp' (Eli Zaretskii)
08:17:08 Question on DJGPP2.02 + RSXNTDJ1.5 (
09:41:56 New rhide version (nicolas.gasnier)
12:07:57 Re:Another Newbie Install Question (Anthony Inzero)
12:31:54 Re: cannot exec 'cpp' (Manni Heumann)
12:36:48 How to combine segment:offset to far pointer (Alvin Lau)
13:01:58 Well, gee thats weird (Sahab Yazdani)
14:03:32 Help... (Bruno França dos Reis)
14:06:32 Re: Problem with RHIDE (BWilliams)
15:01:53 Screen copy (Bart Alewijnse)
15:46:50 Scripting Language (Denis Lamarche)
16:42:07 Video Pointers under NT (Kelvin Cracknell)
17:11:48 Modem libraries for DJGPP. (Ike)
17:51:46 Re: trouble linking/running code with RHIDE (Ivor Blockley)
18:36:23 Re: need help compiling (Nate Eldredge)
18:36:47 Re: need help compiling (Johan Venter)
18:36:48 Re: Question on DJGPP2.02 + RSXNTDJ1.5 (Johan Venter)
18:43:15 Re: How to combine segment:offset to far pointer (Nate Eldredge)
18:43:17 Re: Video Pointers under NT (Nate Eldredge)
19:11:35 Re: Gpf on program exit (Marp)
19:11:36 Screen copy (Bart Alewijnse)
20:51:44 Re: GMP (Adam Schrotenboer)
21:20:24 Re: gpc won't work (Peter Gerwinski)
21:35:29 Re: Problem with RHIDE (Matthew Bentley)
21:50:24 Re: gpc won't work (FF fan 08)
22:40:53 Another problem with RHIDE (Matthew Bentley)
22:45:41 Re: Well, gee thats weird (Worthless)

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