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00:16:21 Re: Anyone use Btrieve with DJGPP? (Glynne Casteel)
00:30:49 Re: These parse errors are really getting annoying... (Erik Max Francis)
00:48:00 Re: printf("%p"); (John M. Aldrich)
00:48:03 Re: Make returns -1? (Lucas Panian)
01:01:37 Re: Doom Type Engine (John M. Aldrich)
02:16:50 foo (Michael Zanyat)
02:31:27 ATTN ALL PROGRAMMERS: (Jimi Hendrix)
03:00:25 Re: foo (John M. Aldrich)
03:15:24 quake sky (Jimi Hendrix)
03:46:13 Need a C++ tester (Andrew Crabtree)
04:00:25 Re: char getch(void) (John M. Aldrich)
04:30:29 Problem with MIKALLEGRO. It runs only once! (Bart van Wissen)
04:45:26 Fast memory (Michael Zanyat)
05:00:42 Standard libraries question (
05:45:22 Re: Wham4b (Paul Derbyshire)
06:00:21 Windows DJGPP (
06:15:23 Re: Execute DJGPP from CD? (Paul Derbyshire)
06:15:24 Re: Exception support and namespace support. (Paul Derbyshire)
07:15:26 Execute DJGPP from CD? (Hans Ecke)
07:15:32 Re: Need a C++ tester (Paul Derbyshire)
07:45:18 Re: ATTN ALL PROGRAMMERS: (Paul Derbyshire)
08:00:21 Assembler stuff (Lucas Panian)
08:00:23 Make returns -1? (Lucas Panian)
09:45:45 Re: PERL Question (Grigoriy Strokin)
09:45:47 NASM and DJGPP question (Ian Dunbarr)
10:16:02 Re: RHIDE: CPU working at full capacity (A. Sinan Unur)
10:16:04 Re: How do I do this with make? (Ian Dunbarr)
10:45:36 Re: Wham4b (Anthony Williams)
11:30:40 modplayer? (Travis)
13:02:34 RHIDE can't/won't save files or options (Joe Heafner)
13:15:39 Re: How do I do this with make? (Shawn Hargreaves)
13:16:22 Re: Making my own mouse driver.. (Christopher Boyd)
13:45:26 Re: simple question re: conio.h (Smith A. Cat)
14:15:42 Re: Standard libraries question (John M. Aldrich)
14:15:47 Re: Windows DJGPP (John M. Aldrich)
17:02:31 libgcc <strclass.h> (Calvin French)
17:16:25 Re: RSXNTDJ and export libs... (George Foot)
18:31:26 How to compile the Glide libraries (SDK)? (The Illithid)
19:32:24 Re: RSXNTDJ and export libs... (Calvin French)
19:45:22 Re: quake sky (Howard Jay Johnson, Jr.)
20:00:19 RHIDE-Illegal characters (MATTRUD)
22:47:45 Re: opinions wanted on djgpp (John M. Aldrich)
23:02:14 Re: DOSDOOM and Allegro (Richard Nichols)

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