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02:40:24 Re: Filtering Image Algorithm (Orlando Andico)
04:02:59 C & C++ mixed? (Mike McLean)
04:45:57 Re: C & C++ mixed? (Mike McLean)
06:17:47 dos4wg (
06:46:26 VIM5 goes BETA! (announcement) (Smith A. Cat)
07:16:26 Re: Scripting language library (Paul Derbyshire)
08:19:46 Re: NASM (Matthew Mastracci)
10:17:17 Compiler error. "Invalid types" int[int] (Brian Sturk)
12:31:31 Re: The mouse in Allegro (Fabrice ILPONSE)
13:39:05 Re: [Q] newbie question... (Robert Hoehne)
13:39:07 Re: long filenames not available to DJGPP on NT? (Robert Hoehne)
13:39:36 Re: c++ with djgpp (Robert Hoehne)
13:39:37 Re: program listings (Robert Hoehne)
13:39:39 Re: C & C++ mixed? (Robert Hoehne)
15:10:43 Re: loading code.. (Jose Luis Perandones Colino)
15:10:46 Re: Mode13h help... (Jose Luis Perandones Colino)
17:02:15 ANSI (Lint)
17:16:20 Re: ANSI (Maranhao)
17:45:27 dviwin and the djgpp tex distribution (A. Sinan Unur)
18:03:20 Re: dviwin and the djgpp tex distribution (A. Sinan Unur)
18:03:26 Re: dos4wg (Tony O'Bryan)
18:33:22 vesa 2.0. protected mode interface?! (krizz)
18:48:14 Re: Storing text screens in protected mode? (Tony O'Bryan)
19:03:23 Re: Allegro Datafile --what am I doing wrong? (Tony O'Bryan)
20:05:27 Need a good Allegro Tutorial (Funkdog32)
20:19:09 Re: Libs (John M. Aldrich)
20:33:06 Re: DJGPP sources (John M. Aldrich)
21:48:22 Trouble with inline assembly (Troels Nielsen)
22:03:08 3D Graphics routines (dennis mac namara)
23:49:20 Library Problem ! Help ! (Hugo Jose Ferreira)

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