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00:18:28 Bug in __builtin_new in GCC!! (Paul Derbyshire)
01:19:07 Why can't I refer to local variables in in-line assembly? (Newbie)
02:04:05 Re: that's no fun anymore (was HELP!!) (firewind)
02:04:10 Buildin DJGPP libraries (Olof Bjarnason)
02:49:33 Inline assembly problems..... (Jeremy Braun)
03:02:44 Final clue in porting zgv from Linux to djgpp (
03:02:51 Re: Writing code for both DJGPP and Linux. (root)
03:32:46 Re: Need Old DOS Program to Run on WIN95 (Peter J. Farley III)
04:47:26 Re: ALLEGRO: datafiles and palette manipulations (Michael Bukin)
04:47:31 Re: Do we have any music software? (Ethan Giordano)
05:47:51 Re: Simple == Big (Michael Mauch)
06:17:17 Test Gone Bad.. Ideas? Yeah, don't post binaries. (David Jenkins)
07:17:39 Warning control. Is there more convenient way? (Roman Suzi)
09:02:01 Problems with RHIDE (Steve)
09:51:53 Re: Problems with RHIDE (Frank Faubert)
10:15:33 How to Use XMS (Guillermo Porras)
11:24:42 ANNOUNCE: libsocket-0.5 (Indrek Mandre)
12:16:42 Re: Simple == Big (Paul Shirley)
12:45:23 Question... (Allen J. Batton)
13:01:19 Re: Internal Compiler Error. - (0/1) (Schuster)
13:31:29 undefined reference's (Gary)
13:46:15 texinfo / makeinfo (John Slee)
14:01:31 Interrupts bite....wait...yup they do :-) (justin deltener)
14:16:16 Allegro: clear_to_color() (Gautam N. Lad)
14:16:19 Allegro: Password protecting DATAFILE (Gautam N. Lad)
14:28:05 q: va_list and va_start? (Jose Luis Perandones Colino)
14:30:57 Re: [Q] array declaration (Paul Shirley)
15:31:14 Re: Quotes (Robert Hoehne)
16:01:01 Re: Allegro: clear_to_color() (George Foot)
17:01:27 90 X 34 RHIDE display (Myknees)
17:01:29 Re: Allegro: clear_to_color() (Gautam N. Lad)
17:46:19 RHIDE Problems (Brian Hogg)
18:46:06 Re: Linux ?? (Off Topic) (firewind)
18:46:11 Re: [Q] array declaration (Erik Max Francis)
18:46:20 Re: C++ compiler error (Erik Max Francis)
19:01:17 ? vsscanf function available (
19:31:12 DJGPP, floating point problems?!? (Reinier Heeres)
19:46:03 Re: Warning control. Is there more convenient way? (firewind)
19:46:17 djtst*.zip (Leslie Patterson)
19:49:31 Re: Allegro: Password protecting DATAFILE (Nate Eldredge)
19:52:52 Re: Bug in __builtin_new in GCC!! (Nate Eldredge)
19:52:56 Re: Buildin DJGPP libraries (Nate Eldredge)
19:53:34 Re: Inline assembly problems..... (Nate Eldredge)
19:53:35 Re: Installing DJGPP (Nate Eldredge)
19:53:53 Re: q: va_list and va_start? (Nate Eldredge)
19:54:02 Re: How to Use XMS (Nate Eldredge)
19:54:34 Re: undefined reference's (Nate Eldredge)
19:55:14 Re: Warning control. Is there more convenient way? (Nate Eldredge)
19:55:32 Re: Why can't I refer to local variables in in-line assembly? (Nate Eldredge)
20:15:54 Where is the fsdb manual ? (Olivier PERRON)
21:32:19 w95 likes Rhide too much! (Rich Birch)
21:33:53 Re: Allegro: Password protecting DATAFILE (Andrew Deren)
21:35:40 Sound in Allegro2.2 (Ivan Seidl)
22:02:32 Test Gone Bad.. Ideas? (Thomas Charron)
22:16:19 Allegro datafiles - HELP!!! (Alistair Bain)
22:31:00 Re: w95 likes Rhide too much! (Brett Porter)
22:35:03 Re: 90 X 34 RHIDE display (Brett Porter)
22:41:51 RHIDE dependancies (Brett Porter)
23:01:45 Re: Allegro WIP (make.exe crash) (Andrew K.Y. Lee)
23:15:57 Re: NT4.0 (Andy Moreton)
23:16:06 Re: RHIDE 1.4 (debugger) MANGLED File Allocation Table (Robert Hoehne)
23:16:15 Re: RHIDE suggestion (Robert Hoehne)

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