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01:02:09 Re: Inline Assembler (Michael Krause)
01:22:21 Re: Allegro GUI Problem (Chris La Mantia)
01:22:36 Re: Stupid guy needs help (Andrew Cheyne)
02:18:26 Re: ... (Chris Frolik)
02:32:53 Re: fread/fwite return value (A. Sinan Unur)
03:03:50 Re: Q: OpenDOS-DJGPP problems to be fixed ? (Peter Steiner)
03:18:02 How to force Win 3.11 to refresh a dos box (Jean-Pierre Delprat)
04:07:35 NASM question (
05:42:26 memory under win95 (Alan Poppleton)
06:18:37 Re: Obtaining system ID with DJGPP (James MacDonald)
07:04:09 Re: "Are Allegro's routines fast enough to write Quake-like games?" - No. HUH? (Thomas Harte)
08:18:33 Re: URGENT! repost: palette problems, please help. (Elliott Oti)
08:18:34 Bash Hangs (Jeffrey Kay)
08:28:35 re: memory under win95 (Tom Cook)
08:37:03 MS VC++ libs with DJGPP (Tom Cook)
08:37:30 RSXIDE and DJGPP (Tom Cook)
09:04:02 Re: Windows Programming (Weiqi Gao)
10:03:28 Re: bresenham's circle (Jeff Weeks)
10:30:01 Get Looped and Get Traffic! (
10:33:09 Re: real-mode pointers (Chris Frolik)
10:33:10 Re: A useful class I made for producing formulas (Martin Kahlert)
11:10:54 Re: ifstream (FILENAME, ios::binary). Can't Read!!! (Chris Croughton)
11:16:40 Re: file finding function? (stunajoh@ACS.EKU.EDU)
11:34:45 Re: scanf? (Chris Croughton)
11:38:22 Re: ifstream (FILENAME, ios::binary). Can't Read!!! (stunajoh@ACS.EKU.EDU)
12:38:50 Re:scanf? (Razvan)
13:01:43 rhide or gcc hanging, and printing crap!? (Jeff Weeks)
13:01:51 Newbie Question: Profiling (Badman)
13:01:53 Re: Timer problems ( delay, uclock ) (Michael Mauch)
13:01:56 Re: A useful class I made for producing formulas (David Jenkins)
13:01:58 Re: How to change the "load error : No dpmi Get cwsdpmi*" message (Charles Sandmann)
13:02:02 Re: Debugging bison source with gdb (Makulik.Guenther T 27528 R 91-811 WS tx24)
13:02:05 Re: Trying to view man-oriented docs. (Michael Bukin)
13:02:06 Re: A Very New Beginner (David Jenkins)
13:02:08 Re: Vesa 2.0 is slower than 1.2 on my video card !!!!! (enigma)
13:02:13 RE: Simple problem regarding text on screen (Richard Birch)
13:02:15 Curses library for DJGPP? (Andrew Bober)
13:02:17 Re: CD ROM drives and GCC (Elliott Oti)
13:02:18 Re: A Very New Beginner (A. Sinan Unur)
13:02:20 Re: A Very New Beginner (Majisun)
13:02:21 Allegro Timer and Win95 (Chris)
13:02:22 gcc or rhide crashing... more info (Jeff Weeks)
13:02:23 Directory (Jeffrey D. Iverson)
13:02:24 Re: Allegro GUI colors (Shawn Hargreaves)
13:33:51 games programming (Gary Tan)
13:33:52 Error using gnu make 3.75 (Charles Krug)
13:33:53 Re: Problems linking with '-pg' (Robert Hoehne)
13:54:03 Re: _osmajor/_osminor not set (Robert Hoehne)
14:17:27 Re: having trouble with long numbers (George Foot)
14:47:40 Re: Creating libraries (Pam Greene)
14:47:42 Re: "Missing" functions (Dave Pearson)
15:18:57 Re: Sorry, A Very New Beginner (Badman)
15:32:32 Re: "Missing" functions (Erik Max Francis)
15:50:09 RE: LFB w/4GB RAM (Gingko 69)
16:02:42 Re: streams question (Erik Max Francis)
16:32:13 spam, spam, spam, & spam... (Smith A. Cat)
16:47:28 Re: streams question (Chris Frolik)
16:47:34 Re: palette & Allegro (Elliott Oti)
16:47:36 Re: Windows Programming - windows.h (Chris Frolik)
17:08:30 unused registers, realloc (Georg Kolling)
17:08:49 Re: FIXDIV for ASM (Georg Kolling)
17:12:00 Re: re: memory under win95 (Georg Kolling)
17:15:11 Re: URGENT! repost: palette problems, please help. (Georg Kolling)
17:18:12 File Paths and Directories (Joshua Eckstein)
17:18:14 Re: Problems linking with '-pg' (PAOLO PISELLI M Z)
19:21:14 Re: Stupid guy needs help (George Foot)
19:49:17 A question about C++ language! (Tianmiao Hu Family)
20:02:46 Re: __dpmi_int (A. Sinan Unur)
20:02:47 Re: "Missing" functions (A. Sinan Unur)
20:49:56 Re: long filenames for dos? unix<-.>pc (John M. Aldrich)
20:58:41 Re: CD ROM drives and GCC (Brett Leslie Porter)
20:59:41 Re: Newbie Question: Profiling (Brett Leslie Porter)
21:16:56 Re: Porting Symantec code to DJGPP (Alfons Hoogervorst)
21:32:36 Re: djgpp and RAM (Peter Steiner)
21:32:40 Re: Multipal files (Erik Max Francis)
21:48:05 Re: Question: RHIDE - CTRL+F9? (Khayu Nyein Aye)
21:52:29 DJGPP componentt (un)Install (Brett Leslie Porter)
23:19:03 Re: DJGPP componentt (un)Install (Luis Hernandez)
23:59:17 Re: Question: RHIDE - CTRL+F9? (Brett Leslie Porter)

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