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00:42:44 Re: Abrash's collumns (
00:42:45 Update on DJGPP Mesa (Jon Martin)
00:42:46 Re: ALLEGRO Re: Allegro problem (Fernando Salas)
02:18:05 Re: Borland-Pascal compatibel? (Peter Gerwinski)
02:18:06 Re: Make (Peter J. Farley III)
02:22:22 BUG: DJGPP, argc and * (Kappas Ioannis)
02:46:53 Re: BUG: DJGPP, argc and * (Orlando Andico)
03:32:14 Re: Allegro optimization: Just wondering! (
04:32:48 Re: copy constructor (A. Sinan Unur)
04:32:49 Re: Allegro & sprite stretching optimization (
04:32:50 Re: DPMI initialisation (John M. Aldrich)
05:06:43 Re: RHIDE (Jerry)
05:06:44 Re: btree (QI'HoS))
05:06:49 Re: GPROF: Useless output??? (John M. Aldrich)
05:33:25 Re: Speed of DJGPP? (Calvin French)
06:38:01 Re: Name mangling in C++ (A. Sinan Unur)
07:35:29 Stupid newbie question (Josh Lothian)
07:35:34 Re: midi wav convertor (Ali Bharmal)
07:35:39 Re: char **argv vs. char *argv[] (Hans Bezemer)
07:35:42 Re: Sharing global variable (John M. Aldrich)
07:35:44 Re: Objective C help (David Stes)
08:49:33 Stupid newbie question (Josh Lothian)
08:49:34 Re: Eli Z., is pdcurs23 stable? (hessling mark)
08:49:35 Re: Abrash's collumns (Particle)
08:49:39 Re: VBE Bankswitch in Pmode (Paul Shirley)
09:23:11 Screen trouble (Jeff Wasserman)
09:51:38 Re: Abrash's collumns (John Miles)
10:27:07 Re: Speed of DJGPP? (Andrew Crabtree)
11:44:20 Re: Hiding mouse before drawing not working (Allegro) (Andrew Deren)
12:20:56 Attention All Photographers (
12:48:26 Re: Allegro sprite scaling : the fastest? (Thomas Harte)
13:52:14 Next PROBLEM (Robrecht Hoet)
14:52:01 Re: comp.os.msdos.djgpp (VANGEL@VMREDIPN.IPN.MX)
15:16:27 Help about SWORD (*.exe..) (VANGEL@VMREDIPN.IPN.MX)
15:22:06 Re: Bash 2.01 (Daisuke Aoyama)
16:20:17 Question about dxe file (Michael Goffioul)
16:21:38 Re: char **argv vs. char *argv[] (Andrea Glorioso)
16:40:56 Re: Make Rhide indent like bc3.1? (Robert Hoehne)
17:12:35 Re: DPMI initialisation (Gil Myers)
17:13:42 Re: What registers do I have to save when using external assembler (William McGugan)
17:29:01 (no subject) (Tomasz Chojnacki)
17:30:37 Descriptors (a)
17:48:33 Re: rawclock() and other time.h functions (Nate Eldredge)
18:14:44 Re: Allegro sprite scaling : the fastest? (Bill Currie)
18:22:49 writing a program that reads .txt files (Jeff James)
19:07:51 Optimization help needed (Chris Sequeira)
19:32:38 Inline AMS Help (Calin Andrian)
19:38:17 Make Rhide indent like bc3.1? (Josh McDonald)
19:55:56 Re: Inline AMS Help - OOPS (Calin Andrian)
19:57:50 environment variables (
20:50:23 Re: char **argv vs. char *argv[] (Erik Max Francis)
20:50:25 Re: LWP and Win 95 (Fernando Salas)
21:40:59 rhide and Windows95 (Selfgovern)
21:41:00 gnu/djgpp ls bug? (Jamie Mazer)
22:01:52 djgpp.env (rayeung)
22:31:59 Re: Allegro: Displaying 640x480 PCX file (John M. Aldrich)
23:09:53 Weird Optimisation thingies to do with Allegro in this case (Thomas Harte)
23:48:35 Re: Inline asm (Bill Currie)

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