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03:22:44 named enum? (d791013)
04:19:55 join info (Ben Coman)
05:22:51 Borland make (Emmanuel Anne)
06:20:05 Re: palette problem (
07:19:45 Re: named enum? (wilson m liaw)
08:04:20 X demos without fvwm run fine! (Antonio Costa)
11:45:07 Re: named enum? (Olly Betts)
13:49:36 Re: named enum? (Chris Tate)
14:53:22 djgpp 1.12.maint2 (DJ Delorie)
16:11:49 Re: named enum? (Gordon Hogenson)
18:17:12 Mode 13 and page flipping? (Is this ship sinking?)
18:27:11 Re: named enum? (John Polstra)
19:01:51 Where Can I Find SUIT for DJGPP? (Jon Nash)
19:16:55 X11R5 toolkit for DJGPP and DESQview/X. (Don Dailey)
19:35:02 Re: named enum? (John E. Davis)
20:38:47 Faster compiling times (Francesc Guasch-Ortiz)
20:40:22 Re: User defined functions (Gordon Hogenson)
22:12:49 Silly question (John E. Davis)
22:52:39 cross-compiling djgcc on linux (Marty Leisner)
22:53:25 type bool (Mr. Salty)
23:09:05 #pragma interface and implementation ??? (Guy L. Oliver)

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