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02:15:34 Re: Objective-C libraries? <For DJGPP> (Dru Nelson)
03:15:33 Re: -pg bug (Stefan Eckart)
08:15:33 COFF, the linker and Fortran BLOCK DATA (Gerhard Schneider)
09:15:52 Problems with 2.57 version (Bruno Garcia)
09:18:22 bin executables (Greg Greene)
10:15:46 1) Which emacs to use, any djgpp compiled? 2) enscript (text -> .ps) (Thomas Sams)
11:15:48 How about the new GRX lib? Is it being worked on? (The walking glitch))
11:17:56 crlf issue (Christoph Kukulies)
13:16:00 Re: Problems with 2.57 version (Bob Babcock)
13:18:28 Re: crlf issue (Bob Babcock)
14:15:53 Re: dj111m2 and fscanf (DJ Delorie)
15:16:49 Re: crlf issue (Wonkoo Kim, EE, U. of Pittsburgh)
16:16:48 -pg bug mostly fixed (Stefan Eckart)
17:16:57 Re: bin executables (DJ Delorie)
17:19:33 odd behavior - any ideas? (L Mark Larsen)
18:16:35 Development of the C++ compiler (Gregory Eakin)
21:16:30 Development of the C++ compiler (Stephen Turnbull)

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