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01:16:10 Re: TCP/IP and /djgpp/samples/dpmi/pktdrvr.c (Russell Nelson)
03:17:33 ANNOUNCEMENT: LUG library in english for DJGPP (Raul Rivero)
04:17:54 Re: TCP/IP and /djgpp/samples/dpmi/pktdrvr.c (Harco de Hilster)
05:15:20 unsubscribe (dpopescu@ROIFA.BITNET)
09:15:20 Re: groff108 (Divisione SINCON)
11:18:35 unsubscribe (
14:15:55 cross compiler (U-E59264-Osman Buyukisik)
19:15:42 Bug in LIBGRX103 ? (Marios Siormanolakis)
21:15:22 Math functions in djgpp (Martin Oldfield)
21:17:53 Re: TCP/IP and /djgpp/samples/dpmi/pktdrvr.c (
22:15:22 Class Browser? (Stefan Kremer)
23:15:45 TCP/IP and /djgpp/samples/dpmi/pktdrvr.c (Stephen Turnbull)

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