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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 94 14:21:48 +0100
From: Divisione SINCON <sincon AT rob DOT csata DOT it>
Subject: Re: groff108
Apparently-To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

> Mauro,
> Just saw that you ported groff1.07 to djgpp last year. I'm porting
> version 1.08, using djgpp 1.11 (maintenance release). I do have a few
> questions :
> +What modifications did you make to the source ?
I did the port of groff108.
I never released it due to the lack of testing.
I will be glad to send you my diffs from the original.
I'm not doing it now because i's at home (hope tomorrow is soon enough)
If you want to test/modify anything you are welcome.
Please let me know the results.
I feel that the new port should superceed the older port, feel free to
upload your version or let me know and i will do it.
In any case i would like to know if my diffs worked for you or not

>   -e.g. sscanf seems to have a bug in djgpp1.11 (or is it gcc), so I
>   had to patch that one.
That's right there is a one-line diff in doscan.c.
I mailed DJ about that.

>   -I modified groff to use the system() call instead of pipe() &
>   fork(), and it seems to do the trick.  (Still testing it)
I did that too.

>   -Did you change any of the searchpath routines ?

> +Does your dvi output work ? (I tried viewing it with dviwin.. no luck)
Yes. (hint: dvi files are binary ones)

> +Why did you modify go32 for groff ?
because un that version i wanted to limit the diffs, so i implemented
fork(), pipe() and exec(); so i needed go32 help

> +Did you find any other problems ? 
not really, apart from building a WORKING makefile.
> Regards,
> Tim

Best Regards
Mauro Condarelli
sincon AT minsky DOT rob DOT csata DOT it 
m DOT condarelli AT agora DOT stm DOT it

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