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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 94 13:22:42 -0500
From: U-E59264-Osman Buyukisik <buyukisik_osman AT ae DOT ge DOT com>
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: cross compiler

I am trying to build a cross compiler on my hp710 hpux8.07a w/s which
will create a.out files for go32. 
I built binutils, gas and put them in /users/buyuk/local/i386v/bin.
Copied DJ's include files into 
configured gcc using:
 ./configure --host=hppa1.1-hp-hpux --target=i386v  --prefix=/users/

and did a make LANGUAGES=c

Stopped saying I need libgcc1.a. Which one of the DJ's libs is this? 
If I can I just want to ftp it from my pc. I am using DJ's gcc 2.3.3
with go32 1.09. 
Thanks in advance.

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