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08:03:19 vcpi and dpmi specs (if any) (Jim Segrave)
08:04:57 missing prototype for memmove() in std.h (Dieter Buerssner)
08:06:50 weird ld error (multiply defined symbol) (Dieter Buerssner)
08:08:12 Re: Installable ISRs (Jim Segrave)
10:03:19 Is go32 Upwardly Compatible? (DJ Delorie)
13:03:20 question about turbo_assist... (ckgp!
13:04:57 Re: Installable ISRs (Jim Segrave)
14:03:19 Installable ISRs (DJ Delorie)
14:04:51 question about turbo_assist... (DJ Delorie)
14:06:32 Re: pbmplus, binutils, dld323, etc (Eric Backus)
16:03:19 Version 1.02 of the GRX graphics library (Csaba A. Biegl)
17:04:57 32 Mb of XMS ? (
18:03:20 Bug (?) report and question about the "Out of mem" err in 1.07 (George Jetson)
18:05:22 Re: Installable ISRs (Bob Babcock)
18:06:47 Re: Installable ISRs (Steve Lembark)
18:08:33 FSF utilities (Eric Backus)
18:10:10 Patch3 for libc.a (Eric Backus)
18:12:25 Patch2 for libc.a (Eric Backus)
18:14:44 Patch1 for libc.a (Eric Backus)
18:16:43 Patch4 for libc.a (Eric Backus)
19:03:19 Patch5 (last one) for libc.a (Eric Backus)
20:03:19 Bug & fix in %g format (David M. Ronis)
22:03:19 FSF utilities (Lars Jonas Olsson)

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