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Date: Mon, 24 Aug 92 13:42:11 +0100
From: buers AT dg1 DOT chemie DOT uni-konstanz DOT de (Dieter Buerssner)
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Cc: csaba AT vuse DOT vanderbilt DOT edu, dj AT ctron DOT com
Subject: weird ld error (multiply defined symbol)

The following program gives a linker error with djgpp ver. 1.08
and cbgrx version 1.02 (and with earlier versions too):

#include <grx.h>
#include <gppconio.h>
#include <pc.h>
  gotoxy(1,1);  /* if you comment this line out, and don't link with
                   -lpc, the linker error goes away */

% gcc -o test test.c -lgrx -lpc
getkey.o: Definition of symbol _getkey (multiply defined)
getkey.o: Definition of symbol _getkey (multiply defined)

Can anybody reproduce this? I might have failed to notice something really
basic. Can anybody explain this behaviour. I thought the linker just
takes the function it finds first.

A workaround is to delete getkey.o from libgrx.a with 

% ar d /djgpp/lib/libgrx.a getkey.o

or similar.
The sources of getkey() in libc and libgrx are different. Does libgrx
really need a private version of getkey() or does it work with the version
in libc too? (It seems to work for me)



Dieter Buerssner  (B\"ur\ss{}ner) -- buers AT dg1 DOT chemie DOT uni-konstanz DOT de
Universitaet Konstanz -- Fakultaet Chemie -- Postfach 5560 
7750 Konstanz  -- Germany -- phone +49-7531-882021

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