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From: ckgp!thomas AT uunet DOT uu DOT net
Subject: question about turbo_assist...
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 92 11:46:04 EDT

Hi everyone,

   I have a TSR which is running (which produces speech for my sound card)
that I have been trying to get to work with go32... I believe that I have 
narrowed down the problem to a point where I can respectfully ask for help...

   What I have found is that my TSR uses interrupt 7E ... and that when 
go32 is running the TSR losses the interrupt... When running a program
which uses the TSR, go32 (or rather, my computer) hangs at int 0x21... But
interrupt support in g032 is not the problem...

   I found that if I do a system() call which uses the TSR everything
works fine... so I looked at Turbo_assist and replaced the support for 
system() with a simple call to the TSR. I removed everything except
for the calls to uninit_controllers() and init_controllers().

   So I have two questions really, (1) what could init_controllers() be
doing to cause the TSR not to work? (perhaps I could allow the vectors
for the TSR to remain unscaved?)
   and (2) If there is nothing else I can do, I would like to be able to
add a new case statement to turbo_assist (not for general release), so
the question becomes can I just add a number like 255... or rather is
DJ adding to turbo assist in sequential order? (I want to set up my patch 
so that I can just apply it without conflicts in new releases of go32) 

Thanks for your time and the info...

Thank you,            ||  "Sol est invisiblis in hominibus, in terra vero
Michael Thomas        ||   visibilis, tamen ex uno et eodem sole sunt ambo"
(..uunet!ckgp!thomas) ||                    -- Theatrum Chemicum (Ursel, 1602)

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