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00:03:17 make utilities (chris moseley)
04:03:17 some interesting performance notes for libgrx2.02 and djgpp1.08 (Tear it down ... there's got to be a better way)
07:03:17 Re: f2c announcement (John Fletcher)
10:03:17 %g format problem (DJ Delorie)
10:04:49 speed questions and other questions (DJ Delorie)
10:06:08 device memory access speed (DJ Delorie)
10:07:20 Permission to repost an article of yours to an online service (Andrew M Langmead)
10:08:32 Re: device memory access speed (Dean M. Phillips)
12:03:17 archive-server is back (DJ Delorie)
14:03:17 Re: speed questions and other questions (Eric Backus)
14:04:35 Re: f2c announcement (Stephen Turnbull)
15:03:17 how to use MS-DOS wild cards (DJ Delorie)
15:06:13 DJGPP Version 2.2.2 (DJ Delorie)
15:09:41 file missing... (DJ Delorie)
17:03:17 Vaporware question (JMILLER@CHESS.EISC.UTOLEDO.EDU)
17:04:52 Re: file missing... (Eric Backus)
17:06:27 getting mail out of sequence (DJ Delorie)
17:07:53 new getting.djgpp blurb (DJ Delorie)
18:03:18 Where is DJGPP most easily found? (John R. Levine)
19:03:19 RE: RE: f2c announcement (Torsten.Porwol@RUBA.RZ.RUHR-UNI-BOCHUM.DE)
23:03:19 pbmplus, binutils, dld323, etc (

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