Mail Archives: djgpp/1992/08/21/10:03:17

Date: Fri, 21 Aug 92 09:11:58 EDT
From: DJ Delorie <dj AT ctron DOT com>
To: ronis AT ronis DOT chem DOT mcgill DOT ca
Cc: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: %g format problem

> I may have found a bug with %g and #lg formats in GCC (version 1.08).

Unfortunately, I no longer have time to track down bugs in djgpp
unless they're *real* important or if someone is willing to pay me to
fix them.  Please, from now on try to *fix* the bug and then post
diffs, which I do have time to apply if they meet the following

1. One functional change or bug fix per posting.

2. Follow the existing coding standards for whatever source code you
   are changing.

3. Ensure that go32 changes will compile with Turbo-C 2.0.

4. Changes in libc/m/pc.a, go32, or emu387 MUST follow the existing
   copyrights.  GPL code is NOT acceptable due to restrictions on
   commercial use.  Public domain is best.

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