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Date: Wed, 12 Aug 92 13:02:46 EDT
From: DJ Delorie <dj AT ctron DOT com>
To: ronis AT ronis DOT chem DOT mcgill DOT ca
Cc: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: DJGPP Version 2.2.2

>I just downloaded and tried version 2.2.2 of djgpp.  Is this the
>version which you told me about at the beginning of the summer; i.e.,
>the one which will work correctly under Desqview?  I tried it and it
>seemed to work properly, but I'd like to be sure that I'm not causing
>problems somewhere else.  

You're confusing version numbers.  DJGPP is at version 1.07.  GCC is
at version 2.2.2.  GAS is at version 1.38.1, etc.  1.07 should work
under DesqView no problem.

>As long as I'm writing, is the -O2 gcc option supported?  DOCS/GCC.1
>says that is is but the .doc files don't mention it.  Is there
>something like the -help flag under cc?

Yes, -O2 is supported.  gcc-2.2.2 comes with complete FSF documentation.

>Finally, in the previous version (2.1) I think I encountered a
>sportatic problem with the pow and hypot functions.  I suspect that
>it may have something to do with large arguments, but I'm not sure.
>In any event, I have a patch (using exp and log) which works,
>although I'd hate to have to do this everywhere.  If you would like,
>I can send some code fragments to you (the whole program where these
>are used is too large), but as yet I don't have a small program which
>gives the problem.

Some math functions have been fixed in 1.07 - please recheck the patches
with before sending them to this list.

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