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00:34:35 /djgpp/manifest (Charles Sandmann)
02:13:54 Re: Rhide 1.6 alpha human debuggers (Andris Pavenis)
02:32:44 Re: restrict (Martin Stromberg)
03:05:59 Re: <errno.h> and C99: EILSEQ [PATCH] (Martin Stromberg)
05:51:15 fchown return code wrong [PATCH] (Richard Dawe)
06:43:09 tests/libclink: separate C89 and C99 functions [PATCH] (Richard Dawe)
06:47:42 Re: /djgpp/manifest (Richard Dawe)
07:35:27 Re: restrict (Richard Dawe)
11:48:07 Re: restrict (Richard Dawe)
13:18:25 Re: /djgpp/manifest (Eli Zaretskii)
13:56:17 [ new grep release] (Eli Zaretskii)
14:03:42 Re: /djgpp/manifest (DJ Delorie)
15:21:18 Re: [ new grep release] (Richard Dawe)
15:32:10 Add @tindex for types in docs [PATCH] (Richard Dawe)
16:26:21 Re: /djgpp/manifest (Charles Sandmann)
16:27:41 Re: /djgpp/manifest (DJ Delorie)
17:28:46 zoneinfo generated files (Charles Sandmann)
17:37:54 Re: zoneinfo generated files (DJ Delorie)

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