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05:38:09 Re: winsup.h shrunk, shared.h deleted, many new include files (Egor Duda)
08:35:26 -lc and -lm (Earnie Boyd)
10:01:37 Re: -lc and -lm (Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc))
11:56:27 Re: -lc and -lm (Chris Faylor)
12:09:40 Re: -lc and -lm (Earnie Boyd)
12:41:36 Re: -lc and -lm (Chris Faylor)
12:56:54 Re: -lc and -lm (Earnie Boyd)
13:01:08 Re: -lc and -lm (Chris Faylor)
13:04:01 ld -shared -o new-cygwin1.dll ... error (Earnie Boyd)
13:18:49 Re: ld -shared -o new-cygwin1.dll ... error (DJ Delorie)
14:09:52 Re: ld -shared -o new-cygwin1.dll ... error (Earnie Boyd)
14:11:02 Re: -lc and -lm (Earnie Boyd)

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