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20.3 How to become a subscriber to the mailing list

Q: How do I subscribe to the DJGPP mailing list?

A: Send mail to the list server (NOT to djgpp@!!), leave the subject line empty and in the body write:

subscribe <your e-mail address> djgpp

If you only want to receive announcements of new versions and ported software, but don't want to see any other DJGPP mail traffic, subscribe to the djgpp-announce by sending message to the list server which says so:

subscribe djgpp-announce

(Note: no email address when subscribing to the djgpp-announce list!)

The announcements which go to djgpp-announce get reflected to djgpp, so you don't need to subscribe to both these lists.

The DJGPP mailing list is available in the daily and weekly digest forms. To subscribe to one of these, send this one-line message to the above list server:

subscribe <your e-mail address> djgpp-digest-daily


subscribe <your e-mail address> djgpp-digest-weekly

Some mailers reject messages with too large size, so you might have trouble with the weekly digest. If you subscribe to it and don't get the digest, try the daily one instead, or switch to another mail software.

You can also subscribe to DJGPP-related mailing lists through DJ Delorie's WWW server.

Note that you don't have to subscribe to the djgpp mailing list if you don't want to get all the traffic in your mailbox (typically, about 30 messages per day). You can ask questions on the list even if you are not a subscriber, because people usually answer both to your e-mail address and to the list (well, actually, the mailer program does it automatically and most people don't bother to change that). If you want to be sure the mail gets to you directly, say in your message that you don't subscribe to the list, and ask people to answer directly. Be sure to provide a valid return address (remove any anti-spam, if you use one) when you ask for direct replies.

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