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20.2 How to post to the DJGPP forum

Q: How do I post to the DJGPP mailing list?

A: Send mail to the list address as if it were a person. Please use the mailing list only if you cannot access the DJGPP news group, because reflecting the mail to and from the mailing lists incurs additional load on the DJGPP server. The DJGPP news group, <news:comp.os.msdos.djgpp>, is two-way gated to the mailing list. This means messages posted to either the mailing list or the news group will appear on both (once, let's hope ;-); you can read either one and post to either one, and everybody eventually sees everything. So please don't post to both the news group and the mailing list.

The gateway works on DJ's server, and has a very strict anti-spam filter which prevents spam from getting into the news group; it also has an additional keyword-based anti-crap filter that doesn't pass spam to the mailing list. The entire traffic ends up in the mail archives on the DJ's Web server within 24 hours, and is available for searching.

If you have a Usenet feed, now is the time to consider unsubscribing from the mailing list and switch to reading the news group instead, so that the load on the list server will get lower.

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