Int 31H Function 0500H

Get Free Memory Information [0.9]

Returns information about the amount of available physical memory, linear address space, and disk space for page swapping. Since DPMI clients will often run in multitasking environments, the information returned by this function should only be considered as advisory. DPMI 1.0 clients should avoid use of this function (see the last note of the call).

Call With

AX = 0500H
ES:(E)DI = selector:offset of 48-byte buffer


Carry flag = clear (this function always succeeds)
and the buffer is filled in with the following information:

00H4Largest available free block in bytes
04H4Maximum unlocked page allocation in pages
08H4Maximum locked page allocation in pages
0CH4Linear address space size in pages
10H4Total number of unlocked pages
14H4Total number of free pages
18H4Total number of physical pages
1CH4Free linear address space in pages
20H4Size of paging file/partition in pages
24H0CHReserved, all bytes set to 0FFH


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