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Matthew Sager wrote:

> I looks really cool I have not used VRML before, but the more options
> the better.  The project that I am using this scripe for I am building
> all the sub-components in OpenSCAD, so it the best fit for me.

I am not a particular fan of VRML. More often than not, when I import VRML 
models into 3D CAD applications, the result was less than perfect (Autocad 
Inventor, Varicad, solid works). Round surfaces are pieced together by 
literally thousends of triangles. The object is represented by its 
combined outer surface rather than by a set of basic object that combine 
with boolean operations. My ad hoc explanation is, that this format is 
specifically geared toward "virtual reality".

I'd be more than happy to see a lossless path from pcb to a open sourced 
3D CAD application and back. This would raise the level of awesomeness of 
geda by an order of magnitude!


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