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> Yeah, you wanted to write a 32-bit OS, right?


> I'm sure other DOS extenders existed, but of course DJGPP was
> probably the first free one.

DJGPP (go32) was written because the existing one didn't have virtual
memory, and gcc required more memory than I had RAM at the time.

> You mean 32-bit apps under 16-bit Win 3.x?


> There's still plenty more that could be done. But I guess talk is
> cheap, so if someone (like me) wants to do something, he better roll
> up his sleeves and get to it, show the code, submit patches,
> etc. (Easier said than done.)

Yup to all that :-)

> Sorry, DJ, but apparently the world disagrees with you: the more the
> merrier.  ;-)

Just because they disagree with me, doesn't make them right ;-)

> P.S. Though seriously, I think building DOSEMU atop minimal Ttylinux
> wouldn't be a bad thing, would it? One of these days I'll have to
> try ....

Start with a Linux kernel, run a custom environment on it.  You don't
*have* to use a distro ;-)

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