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Chris Giese wrote:
> Does your version of DJGPP use segments with base address = 0?

Sorry, it would be too early for specific questions of that nature.
Frankly, I am hoping that they are premature :)

Just for information, IMHO there could never be a "your version of
DJGPP". DJGPP is Delorie J GPP. A FreeDOS OS distribution is being
planned, that will hopefully provide DJGPP as a development
environment. Whether that environment ends up separate fork from what
is released here(i.e. Ubuntu vs. Debian, for lack of better example)
depends on the response we get. Then it would be built on DJGPP, but it
wouldn't be DJGPP.

But I think the user base as a whole would appreciate a less confusing
variety of development environments.

Ben Decker

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