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02:16:42 Nevermind (Joel_S)
03:01:16 Re: FPU (Wlodzimierz ABX Skiba)
04:08:07 RSXNTDJ with DJGPP (Kathleen)
05:30:23 Re: RSXNTDJ with DJGPP (Martin Stromberg)
05:30:23 Re: help needed... (Martin Stromberg)
05:50:32 Re: perl561b (adding modules) (Richard Dawe)
07:30:12 Re: RSXNTDJ with DJGPP (Andrew Cottrell)
09:07:08 =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCOS1FZyEhRiNFRE06OzM5LUVnOClDTjt2GyhC?= (yume767)
10:00:05 Re: RSXNTDJ with DJGPP (Wlodzimierz ABX Skiba)
17:00:34 Re: FPU (Joel_S)
17:15:04 Raycasting (Joel_S)

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