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05:44:12 Re: Conflicting types [va_list] in stdarg.h & stdio.h when making (Richard Dawe)
08:30:07 "line number overflow" (deckerben)
08:42:07 Re: Vector of Classes issue in GCC 3.1 (Jesper Lund)
09:45:48 Re: "line number overflow" (Eli Zaretskii)
14:30:17 DXE2GEN: unresolved symbol (deckerben)
14:30:17 Re: "line number overflow" (deckerben)
15:48:05 HELP -- how do I fix this? (S.Turner)
16:15:05 Re: DXE2GEN: unresolved symbol (Martin Str|mberg)
18:39:12 VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION PLEASE ANSWER(from one of your users of djgpp) (

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