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00:02:23 Re: problem with new malloc.c see note at bottom attn: Eli Zaretskii (Damian Yerrick)
00:12:13 libsocket 0.7.4 Whereabouts (Richard Dawe)
01:40:03 Re: please help some more, yes i already read FAQ (Prashant TR)
02:06:16 srand() (Randy)
02:36:25 Re: srand() (Jason Jones)
03:36:18 Re: srand() (Matthew Haley)
08:40:25 Allegro->font->load (Nils Öster)
09:06:10 Re: Protected Mode problem (note: Eli Zaretskii) (Nicolas Gasnier)
10:16:02 Memory hoarding (Ghalos)
10:32:37 HELP ! Missing libary files (Christopher Denney)
11:22:42 Playing mp3s (Tom Morton)
11:37:57 Re: Allegro->font->load (Thomas Harte)
12:26:18 Re: Allegro->font->load (DougEleveld)
12:56:22 Re: Playing mp3s (Marp)
13:26:38 Re: passing by reference (Thomas Harte)
13:39:03 pci driver (emanuel stiebler)
13:56:19 Re: Coloured text? (Martin Str|mberg)
14:10:27 Coloured text? (Willie Victor)
14:24:21 Re: HELP ! Missing libary files (Marp)
14:26:15 Re: srand() (Thomas Harte)
14:43:11 Re: comp.os.msdos.djgpp's Most Frequently Asked Questions (Martin Str|mberg)
14:56:28 Re: srand() (Randy)
15:10:39 Re: Protected Mode problem (note: Eli Zaretskii) (Prashant TR)
15:13:55 Re: srand() (Matthew Haley)
15:26:22 Re: gcc optimizes divisons! (Martin Str|mberg)
15:56:22 Re: Templates? What templates? (George Ryot)
17:56:24 Missing DPMI ? (Snowman)
18:26:14 SegRead (Cool Stu)
18:56:25 Re: 2 beginner's questions (Marp)
19:26:15 I want to get started. (Rogue Boy)
19:56:18 Re: Sound effects, (
20:26:17 Re: I want to get started. (Furioso512)
20:55:18 Re: Memory hoarding (
21:25:16 Re: Missing DPMI ? (
21:55:10 Don't Pay Attention To That (Francis Huang)
23:55:08 Re: Memory hoarding (Damian Yerrick)

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