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00:10:56 Re: Program Crash (Josh Reed)
00:46:24 Re: Problem with allego (Krogg)
01:23:20 Re: Finding the Dang MS PLATFORM SDK (Peter J. Farley III)
01:54:13 c,allegro,coolness.... (Krogg)
02:54:00 Re: need help! (Michelle Konzack)
04:52:30 Re: c,allegro,coolness.... (Krogg)
05:26:16 Re: c,allegro,coolness.... (Davin McCall)
05:56:21 Re: About Rhide... (S. M. Halloran)
08:52:03 Is MSSDK Like MFC? (jv)
09:52:48 Re: Is MSSDK Like MFC? (Weiqi Gao)
10:52:19 Re: Is MSSDK Like MFC? (bowman)
11:52:17 Re: c,allegro,coolness.... (flupke)
12:51:37 Problems setting up djgpp (Mark Randell)
14:21:03 Re: Problems setting up djgpp (Matthew Haley)
14:50:39 Re: c,allegro,coolness.... (Matthew Haley)
15:21:00 Re: An updated DOS - Please discuss (Don Kruse)
15:51:48 Re: Nearptr putpixel method? (Duncan Coutts)
16:20:50 about newsgroup! (Roger)
16:33:20 Rhide, C++ and headers HELP please (Bacharelado Curso Ciencia Computacao-14)
18:20:50 Re: c,allegro,coolness.... (Krogg)
19:50:49 Re: c,allegro,coolness.... (Klaas)
20:20:52 Newbie Help (David Pinkerton)
20:37:48 Re: About Rhide... (Damian Yerrick)
20:50:47 Trouble executing compiled executable (paolo)
21:20:58 Allegro - requirements (Randy G)
21:51:49 Re: Newbie Help (Damian Yerrick)
22:10:34 Re: Trouble executing compiled executable (Damian Yerrick)
22:51:00 DMPI trouble (William J Kotzan)
23:21:36 Re: Allegro - requirements (Marp)

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