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Subject: Re: Saving random seed, and Allegro
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 01:47:20 +0100
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Shawn Hargreaves <ShawnH AT Probe DOT co DOT uk> wrote in message
news:8D53104ECD0CD211AF4000A0C9D60AE3015FCCB3 AT probe-2 DOT acclaim-euro DOT net...
> Tom Morton writes:
> > Using the rotate_sprite() function works fine when compiled on my Intel
> Celeron
> > system and run on either of my systems.
> > However, when compiled on my other system (AMD K6, S3 graphics card) the
> > sprite seems to be inverted.
> There was a bug in truecolor sprite rotation in Allegro 3.1, but it is
> fixed in 3.11. I don't believe that you have the same library version
> on both machines...

I do I do I *really do!

<checks it>

Er, heh heh. Even Einstein made mistakes.

I think i'll bring them both to 3.12 tomorrow. Thanks! BTW allegro is
excellento and without it I would still be writing text adventures with
borland C++ 4.5 (with all due respect to text adventure writers...)

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Tom 'Moretom' Morton

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