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Subject: An Update regarding OPTASM (was Re: Source of OPTASM)
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In article <7mdde6$39r$1 AT autumn DOT news DOT rcn DOT net>,
  jcoffin AT taeus DOT com (Jerry Coffin) wrote:

> > Anyone know who owns the sources of the OPTASM compiler?

> Symantec, AFAIK.  They were interested in OptLink, but unless I'm
> mistaken, bought the entire company.

> > It would be nice if the source-code of OPTASM can be made
> > GPLed. That way, a lot of niceties of OPTASM can be ported to
> > NASM or other open-sourced assembly compilers.

> I doubt it'll happen, but you're certain welcome to try...

After I read the above message from Jerry, I went to
and posted a message in their "Customer Service/Technical Support Forum"
requesting the Symantec corp to release the sourcecode for OPTASM into the
public domain (I did not specifically mentioned GPL, I used the term "public
domain" instead). . .

Several days later I checked back, and I saw several other people replied to
my message asking essentially the same thing --- requesting that the Symantec
Corp to release the sourcecode of OPTASM to the public domain, since they
(the Symantec Corp.) isn't selling the OPTASM compiler anymore.

Well... several days _after_ that, the Symantec Corp CLOSED DOWN THE ENTIRE
customer service/technical support forum !!!

Yeah... talk about a GREAT RESPOND from Symantec.

I mean, if they refuse to reply (or even acknowledge) my request, I can
understand it. But their reaction in closing down the ENTIRE PUBLIC FORUM is
really, IMHO, truly an OVERKILL !!!

Oh well... unless there is a concerted effort to gather grassroot support
from the Net community in asking giants like Symantec to do something, I
don't think we can get anywhere.

The problem now is, how to gather grassroot support?

Anyone familiar with organizing such a thing?

Anyone wants to volunteer organizing such a thing?

I'd be all ears.

Thanks in advance.

hardwork AT freemail DOT c3 DOT hu

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