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01:32:29 Re: malloc() and CWSDPMI 4.0 (Nate Eldredge)
01:32:57 Re: Marker (Nate Eldredge)
02:44:37 Re: Marker (Andy Goth)
04:52:44 Re: Marker (Shawn Hargreaves)
05:06:05 Re: Marker (T.SUZAKI)
05:07:35 Re: Compressing (Shawn Hargreaves)
05:28:52 386 SX versus DX - 'int' datatransfer (Rob Kramer)
05:40:45 Re: question about if statements! (Weiqi Gao)
06:31:02 Cannot rebuild Binutils... (Keith McCormick)
06:55:36 Looking for GCJ binaries on DJGPP (Big Guy)
07:47:34 Re: QUESTION: Is there an info file for the C++ extensions? (Weiqi Gao)
08:30:44 Re: Why are my file sizes so big? (Ian Miller)
08:55:49 Re: Why are my file sizes so big? (Pavlos)
10:20:29 Re: Can't get RHIDE to compile (Johnny M)
10:25:36 Re: Memory and cache configuration (Hans-Bernhard Broeker)
10:45:21 ---Random question--- (Börje Granberg)
10:45:21 WIN 32 compiler (Börje Granberg)
11:10:20 Re: Random Numbers (Mark Phillips)
11:25:31 Re: Slight mistake! (Steven Taylor)
11:34:48 Re: ---Random question--- (Dr. |V|0lybd3nu|V|)
11:58:42 Re: Which library is compatible with Curses? (Hans-Bernhard Broeker)
11:59:21 building Allegro (Dr. |V|0lybd3nu|V|)
12:20:39 Which library is compatible with Curses? (
13:00:43 Re: Weird error messages... (Sahab Yazdani)
13:05:58 Re: ---Random question--- (Mitchell Cifuentes)
13:09:33 Re: WIN 32 compiler (Mitchell Cifuentes)
13:20:30 Re: Im not shure how to do sound (Mark Phillips)
14:26:56 Undefined reference to GetInteger ?? please help me !! (Morten Daugaard)
14:32:03 Re: 386 SX versus DX - 'int' datatransfer (Klaas)
15:05:17 as.exe error (Leonardo A. Saravia)
15:15:24 Please, Help! (RSXIDE) (aperes)
16:02:07 Re: cout with double number (Mark Phillips)
16:58:01 Profiler (Radu Georgescu aka skoola)
17:00:37 allegro troubles (Jeremy Brown)
17:20:35 Re: allegro troubles (Klaas)
17:20:38 VU (Radu Georgescu aka skoola)
17:55:27 GPF due to _farpokel (
18:00:19 Need help with class stuff (OmniMeta)
18:20:09 Re: Marker (Andy Goth)
19:20:33 (Ike)
19:30:16 Re: Rsxntdj problem (Johan Venter)
20:15:35 Re: Getting the application built without the hassle (Matthew Haley)

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