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In article <Pine DOT SUN DOT 3 DOT 91 DOT 990216094047 DOT 14991E-100000 AT is>, Eli Zaretskii
<eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il> writes

 You do an absolutely brilliant FAQ, and I'm not trying to 
 make your life harder.
>On Mon, 15 Feb 1999, Dave Bird wrote:
>>  By the time I hit "if you are in a hurry" (I was) I hit a
>>  very buggy bit.
>Thanks for your comments.  I will save them and try to correct them
>when I release the next version of the FAQ.  However, I'm afraid that
>I cannot do much about most of what you write, since I cannot work
>around every bug in every browser out there.  I test the FAQ with
>several versions of several browsers available to me, but I cannot
>test them all, and I cannot track the bugs the new releases introduce
>every month in their constant race to put out newer and buggier

 Entirely appreciated.  Your HTML is a great deal more standard
 than my web-page, which is on a one-browser-and-hope basis.

>>  The link to "Table of Contents" is actually to "Top" -- way
>>  above the table of contents.
>I use Texinfo to generate the FAQ in all formats.  Until now, Texinfo
>didn't support links to something that isn't a node, and most Web
>browsers aren't smart enough to find the string that is part of the
>link text, like Info does, and instead land you at the beginning of
>the node, which is useless in many cases.
>The next version of Texinfo will support links to anchors that I can
>put anywhere, so I will be able to handle this issue more

>>  Additionally, the HTML source
>>  uses enormously wide lines which is OK if it 100% works and
>>  users never need to view source, but....
>..but what?  Why is the appearence of the HTML source important?  The
>FAQ source explicitly says at the beginning NOT to look at it, as it
>is ugly.

 If a link fails to link, the lusers are likely to view the source
 to find out what's happening (whether or not they're supposed to).
>The are good technical reason for this ugliness which I won't go
>into.  If you are intersted, download the FAQ sources (
>and look at the process the HTML output is generated.
>>  The links to "Program Index" and "Topic Index" are funny.
>>  They don't work in Netscape4; I don't think it likes spaces
>>  in names.
>Netscape 3 doesn't have any problems with the indices.  I suggest to

 This is going to be fun as I have to shut down and enter an
 alternative boot partition. OK.  My main partition has a copy
 of Netscape Navigator 4.04, won't link on those two names.
 Djgpp partition has netscape 3, it links on them.  

 I don't know why netscape have decided to make your life harder
 by changing the rules for version 4; I'll use version 3.

>(The problems with spaces in link names is very hard to solve with
>present tools; the next version of Texinfo will solve this for me.)
>>  In Internet Exploder they work but Back doesn't
>>  work with local names, it goes "back" to the top of the file;
>I cannot reproduce this problem in IE.  What version did you use?

 It seems to be version 3.0 and I can't understand why it's a 
 very old version; I think perhaps it came with the newsreader
 installation CD.  Hmm. You're going to tell me this is fixed
 later, aren't you?  I'll just go back to sleep :-(.
 Sorry to have troubled you. 

 The problem that the new version of Netscape has lumbered you
 with re spaces in names is genuine enough;  although I appreciate
 what you say above about the technical difficulty of dealing
 with *their* incompatibilities between versions.

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