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01:30:46 Re: displaying a bmp (Endlisnis)
01:45:19 Newbie problem (Levi Wiseman)
01:45:20 (Levi Wiseman)
02:15:19 Re: readdir question (Goh Yong Kwang)
02:45:33 Re: 2 quick questions (Erik Max Francis)
04:02:33 Re: ...cannot open -lstdcx: no such file or directory (K. Hansen)
04:30:27 help newbie please (dazzee)
04:31:20 HELP!!!!!!! (Sprogface)
06:16:01 Re: char[] to char* (Horst Kraemer)
06:30:29 Re: DJGPP -> coff-go32 -> .COM file (geezer)
06:44:56 64K memory (Johan Henriksson)
07:00:38 Re: Thoughts on a multitrack HD-rec. program (OT ?) (Michael Langton)
07:15:23 Comparing Allegro and Modexlib (Goh Yong Kwang)
08:01:44 Re: Movement AI (Alan McFarlane)
09:00:32 Beginner in programming C++ with DJGPP compiler (Frank Randag)
09:15:33 Re: Help on compiling C++ (Endlisnis)
09:30:19 Soundcards (Sylvester Hesp)
09:56:57 Re: Thoughts on a multitrack HD-rec. program (OT ?) (Christian Henz)
10:06:38 OpenDOS (Ralph Proctor)
10:45:36 Re: Newbie problem (John M. Aldrich)
11:15:33 Zip file of dpmi manual? (joha)
11:15:34 Re: C++ objects question. (Ishpeck)
11:15:35 Re: 2 quick questions (John M. Aldrich)
11:15:39 Re: yet more questions about pointers (Ishpeck)
11:30:37 Re: collision detection (Ishpeck)
13:15:42 Environment variable DJGPP not defined ?? (
13:15:43 Re: Environment variable DJGPP not defined ?? (Endlisnis)
13:15:44 Re: My mouse moves 4 pixels per click!! (Endlisnis)
13:15:46 Re: DJGPP and MMX (Endlisnis)
14:15:51 "Abort!" (Endlisnis)
14:15:52 Re: displaying a bmp (Endlisnis)
14:30:26 Compiler options... (baris sanli)
15:45:49 Re: Watcom 32 (Dominique Biesmans)
16:15:29 Re: Compiler options... (John M. Aldrich)
17:00:44 Can a DOS Console App close its own window? (OoHOSEoO)

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