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Subject: Re: 3dfx programming with DJGPP
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 05:09:09 GMT
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Dennis Voss <dennis DOT voss AT hamburg DOT netsurf DOT de> wrote:

>> >>Is there any way to write some programs using a 3dfx with DJGPP ?
>> >
>> >Yes, download ALLEGRO, it's a general game programming library for DJGPP.
>> >It's so good a like it and I do all of my graphics code myself (for
>> >practice, allegro would be faster).
>> >
>> Since when has Allegro supported 3dfx?
>It doesn't support any Voodoo chipset.
>Get the Glide SDK from

I've already downloaded Glide SDK. My problem was that this sdk don't
support DJGPP. The purpose of my message was to know if someone had
found a solution to use this sdk witj DJGPP.

Jean-Pierre Delprat
Jeepy (Jean-Pierre Delprat)
jpdelprat AT teaser DOT fr (JPTUI home page)

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