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From: Tom Jelen <jelen AT cis DOT ohio-state DOT edu>
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Subject: [allegro] combining many images with different palettes into one?
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 00:59:29 -0500
Organization: The Ohio State University Dept. of Computer and Info. Science
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Hey all,

I'm trying to make a game that uses many frames of animation output by
POV-Ray into tga format.  I have about 60 .tga files that I'd like to
combine into one so I can use the grabber grab-from-grid option.  This
way, I'll have 60 images with one palette, instead of 60 images with 60
different palettes.  That way I don't have to set the palette between
every frame of animation.  Is there any fairly easy way to combine them
into one big image?  All the frames are fairly similar, so there won't
be more than 256 colors in all of them put together.

I've been struggling with this, let me know if any of you have ideas.


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